1. Flight Review in a Tailwheel Aircraft
    You Do Not Need to Hold or Earn a Tailwheel Endorsement to Receive a Flight Review (i) If your certificate indicates Airplane, Single-engine Land, you can complete your flight review in a tailwheel aircraft; (ii) You must complete the minimum one hour of ground and one hour of flight instruction; (iii) If you've been out of flying or haven't kept up to speed with regulatory changes, you may need more than the minimums. Why not challenge yourself to a new experience? Many clients that visit us for a flight review fall in love with the romance of tailwheel flying and grass runways. We have access to a nice grass runway nearby. Learn how docile the stall characteristics of the Cub can be and plant your wheels in some scenic and challenging strips.
  1. Initial Tailwheel Endorsement
    Learn the art and science behind operating an aircraft with conventional gear; Improve your stick and rudder skills; Learn the appropriate uses of forward and slid slips; Open up many potential aircraft ownership possibilities; and Have Fun!

2005 American Legend AL-3 100hp

  1. Seaplane Rating or Endorsement
    Takeoff from the airport and land on some our beautiful lakes and rivers; Learn Docking, Beaching, Ramping ans Sailing; Develop sound weather judgement; Earn Light Sport Seaplane privileges by flying with another CFI, or; Add Private or Commercial Single-engine Sea with a Designated Pilot Examiner

2016 American Legend AL-18 

  1. CFI Candidate Spin Training
    Develop the skills necessary to thoroughly teach stalls and spins; Improve Instructional techniques; Get the most performance out of both the aircraft and yourself; Understand the factors that lead to stall/spin accidents.

1979 Piper Tomahawk PA-38

Why choose Us?
  1. Weather
    The Atlantic coast of Florida offers pleasant year-round flying and opportunities to master light to moderate winds.
  2. Availability
    CubFlying.com is full-time, flight training business with 7-day a week scheduling.
  3. Experience
    With our dedication to flight education, each student is treated as a unique client with an individually tailored training program.