Can I Complete A Flight Review If I Don't Have a Tailwheel Endorsement? Absolutelty! If your certificate says Airplane Single-engine Land, that's all you need to fly a Cub and complete a flight review.

How Long Does It Take To Earn a Tailweheel Endorsement?  The regulations state "...found the person proficient in the operation of a tailwheel airplane."  We do not prescribe a set amount of time to reach this standard, however, reasonably current pilots often accomplish proficiency in 45-60 takeoffs and landings.  Most students average 12 takeoffs and landings per flight hour.  As soon as you reach proficiency, we'll gladly sign an endorsement for tailwheel operations.

What are Your Rates?  Effective January 1, 2020, the AL-3 Legend Cub is $125 per hour + Instuctor, the AL-18 Super Legend Cub is $185 per hour + Instuctor,  and the AL-18 Amphibian is $275 per hour + Instuctor. Flight and Ground  instruction are $70 per hour.  My "on the road" daily rate for instruction only, is $350 a day, plus expenses for each day I am away from my home base.

How Do I Schedule a Lesson?  The most efficient method is to send an email to cubcruiser AT gmail DOT com or call me at 386-225-1857.  Otherwise, you can reach me through Facebook Messenger -  A non-refundable scheduling fee of $100 is required at the time of booking.  It will be applied to your scheduled flights.  In the event that I need to cancel for weather or mechanical reasons, it will be returned to you.

Where are You Located?  The aircraft are based at a few airports in the Daytona Beach area or we can come to you.

Can You Train Me In My Aircraft?  Yes.  We have Tailwheel experience in the following: Cessna 120/140/170/180/195; Piper J3/J5/PA11/PA12/PA14/PA15/PA17/PA18/PA20/PA25, Kitfox, Maule M5/M7; Aviat Husky A1B; Aeronca-Bellanca 7AC/7ECA/8KCAB/11AC; American Legend AL3/AL11/AL18; Luscombe 8A, CubCrafters CC11/CC18; Vans RV6/RV8; Searey Elite; and Waco UPF7/YMF5C aircraft.  We have Float experience in American Legend Cubs; Piper PA 18; Searey Elite; CubCrafters Top Cub; Stinson 108, Aviat Husky; and Cessna 172 and Hawk XP aircraft.  Glider experience includes: Blaink L13/L13AC/L23/L33; Schweizer 1-26/1-35/2-32/2-33; Schleicher K13; Grob 103/109; Politechnika Warzawska PW5/PW6U; and Super Ximango.  Additionally, we've flown many tricycle gear aircraft.